Professional Book Publishing

An imprint of Ventura Press


Your ideas. Your vision. Your story.

At Impact Press we publish beautiful books for Australian influencers, leaders and thinkers who want a boost into the Australian publishing industry, rather than relying on lengthy and competitive submission processes required by traditional publishers.

A book is the best business card you will ever have.

A powerful and effective tool to legitimise your brand, personal experiences or creativity, a book is a tangible object that can position you or your company as an expert in your field, support others through a tough time through your lived experience or capture the imagination of readers across the world.

In the increasingly crowded digital space, a book is a credible and impressive asset that will take you above and beyond the level of your competitors. We truly believe the impact and staying power of words bound into a book cannot be rivalled by a blog post, tweet or eDM.


Professional Publishing to build your personal brand and increase your profile

At Impact Press we publish exceptional books from Australian influencers, leaders and thinkers who want to raise their profile, enhance their income and connect with readers.

As an imprint of Ventura Press, one of Sydney's leading independent publishers, and owned by director of the Australian Publishers Association, Jane Curry, we have over 30 years of design, editing, sales and marketing experience in the book business.

Publishing a book remains a pinnacle of success and is a gateway to an incredible number of business and personal opportunities. Don't wait to enhance your reputation and receive recognition for your hard work by sharing your story, knowledge or history with readers.

"In our constantly changing world the written word remains central to human communication and connection. Entering the world of a novel, being inspired by a new way of thinking and reading someone’s life story are vital reasons why I continue to champion the writing of authors, thinkers and leaders across the world."

— Jane Curry, Managing Director