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  • Published: 13 March 2017

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A Time for Grace

By Dr Mark Nethercote

Mark and Susan have their future all planned out: a happy marriage, home and kids – but then they have a miscarriage. Suddenly their hopes and dreams come crashing down as it is revealed they might never have children. For Mark, a paediatrician who works with children every day, the concept that he might not have a family of his own is shattering.

A Time for Grace is Dr Mark Nethercote’s deeply personal memoir, exploring the IVF journey to parenthood and the struggles that many couples face when life doesn’t go according to plan. When Susan’s ailing health leads to a seemingly endless run of hard luck, Mark struggles with his new role of patient and the vulnerability that comes with it. That is, until a chance encounter turns their luck around.

Now the father of two beautiful girls, Mark offers his unique professional perspective on IVF, giving hopeful parents the chance to learn about the process, have the myths and mysteries explained, the medical terms made accessible and procedures more easily understood, through an uplifting story that provides countless laugh-out-loud moments.

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