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  • Published: 1 December 2016

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By Paul Ashford Harris

On the outside Harry Douglas is a simple New Zealand farmer but a stint at Cambridge University studying German sucks him into the murky nether world of counter intelligence and turns him into an agent – code name, Aardvark. From an accidental but dramatic encounter, Harry meets and forms a very unique and life changing relationship with Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, the future head of the German Military Intelligence, and personal confidant to Hitler. Despite being on opposite sides of the cataclysmic contest of WWII, Harry and Canaris form a real friendship and mutual respect.

As the countries they loyally serve are engaged in a brutal fight to the death, the two men struggle to uphold the contrasting standards they have been brought up to believe in. Based on the remarkable life of Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, chief of the German Military Intelligence during WW2, Aardvark explores the extraordinary and enigmatic life and tragic death of one of the most significant, yet unknown WWII heroes.