Meet some of our wonderful IP Alumni – a specially curated group of talented and creative authors, influencers and thinkers who have successfully published their books into the competitive Australian market. 


Karyn Sepulveda

Author of Letters to My Yesterday (September 2018)

Karyn Sepulveda comes from a background in theatre and teaching. She enjoys working on many creative projects, including a podcast Letters To Our Yesterday, in which she interviews extraordinary women about their life journey. Karyn lives in Sydney with her husband and two children. If she had to pick the perfect day it would include: the beach, great music, family and a good book. Karyn loves connecting to her readers and can be contacted at


Kim Hodges

Author of Girl on the Edge and
Girl Over the Edge (May 2018)

Kim Hodges currently resides on the NSW north coast and immerses herself in the pristine beauty of beaches, mountains and estuaries. She grew up in Coolah, a small remote town in Central NSW, Australia with a population of 900, and has lived in Sydney and the UK. Kim has been employed in many professional roles: tutor and lecturer in the School of Arts and Social Sciences (Southern Cross University), and a consultant in curriculum development (TAFENSW) and policy (NSW Government). Find out more about Kim at



Shirley Fitzgerald

Author of Terminus: The Pub that Sydney Forgot (Feb 2018)

Dr Shirley Fitzgerald has taught history at universities and worked as a community historian. As a City Historian for the City of Sydney until 2009 she delivered Sydney's history through books, media presentations and inscribed it on the pavements of the inner city.





Peter Nash

Author of Escape from Berlin

Peter Nash, born Nachemstein, was among 18,000 European Jews who escaped Nazi persecution during WWII by fleeing to Shanghai, and then Australia. Peter is a trained volunteer guide at the Sydney Jewish Museum, where he tells his story to students and the general public. He has shared his experiences in The Words to Remember it: Memoirs of child Holocaust survivors. Escape from Berlin is his first book.



Dr Mark Nethercote

Author of A Time for Grace

Dr Mark Nethercote is a consultant paediatrician, working with children of all ages. He has tremendous compassion for the parenting journey, from pre-conception throughout childhood. Mark is also a passionate and humorous writer, having written an extensive range of genres, from fiction, to travel writing, memoir and health information. He writes regularly on his blog at and is a contributor to Kidspot. Mark currently lives in Ballarat with his wife Susan and his two daughters.


Jacqueline Dinan

Author of Racing the Boys

Jacqueline Dinan grew up in South Gippsland, Victoria and has always had an interest in women’s perspectives of history. Her former work experience was in corporate and art communications and events, before she embarked on her own public relations and events business, Eventive. Now a regular speaker across Australia and New Zealand, Jacqueline has become a well-known figure with groups such as Probus and View. Jacqueline is the author of three books, A Woman's War, Between the Dances and Racing the Boys. Find out more about Jacqueline at


Jason Roger Phillips

Author of The Silver is Mine

Jason Roger Phillips has lived a nomadic life in the Caribbean and Canada, and draws on his own life experiences in his writing. He currently resides in Sydney where he writes and directs independent films for Eterna Films Studios. Jason holds a Bachelor of Business and a Diploma in Media and Arts Production. He is the author of two novels, The Ice Factory, in 2011, and The Silver is Mine, in 2016. 


Peter Bradley

Author of Convicted (August 2018)

Peter Bradley is a passionate historian whose interest in family history began when he discovered his great-grandfather’s engrossing first-hand account of surviving a shipwreck. In 2013 he had the journal published, which sparked a determination to share his ancestor’s stories with the world. By day Peter works in the field finance and accounting. He lives in Canberra with his wife and children.  




Andrew Laurie

Author of Thirty Essentials: Strategy and Thirty Essentials: Management (May 2018)

Andrew Laurie is a successful entrepreneur and business coach who is regularly ranked among the top business coaches in the world. The former-CEO of a multi-billion-dollar travel company in the UK, he went on to build one of the most successful business and executive coaching companies in Australia, and has assisted countless others to build prosperous businesses. Andrew has lectured at Sydney Business School, has completed his MBA at INSEAD in France and has Economics and Honors Law Degrees from ANU. He lives with his wife and two sons in the Blue Mountains.


Luke Richmond

Author of One Life One Chance (March 2018)

Luke Richmond is an Aussie adventurer who has conquered the odds during many internationally acclaimed expeditions. Growing up on various cattle stations across the Northern Territory, Luke joined the army at 17 years old, which gave him the discipline and world knowledge he needed, and lit a fire for adventure that he pursues to this day. Luke’s lifelong passion is to make adventure accessible to everyone, and to inspire others to feel the reward of conquering a physical and mental challenge. He founded OLOC Adventures in 2007, where you can enjoy videos, photos, blogs and get in touch with Luke for a yarn about adventures at

Aaron Elias Brunsdon

Author of Designer Baby

Aaron Elias Brunsdon is the co-founder and CEO of eponymous Australian fashion label Jayson Brunsdon. Raised in a small, close-knit Jewish community in his native country of Singapore, Aaron migrated to Australia in 1993, where he worked for fashion brands Giorgio Armani and Morrissey, and was instrumental in the launch and success of Sydney’s top gay entertainment venue, Stonewall. Aaron currently lives in Elizabeth Bay with his life partner Jayson Brunsdon and their son Roman. Find out more about Aaron at


Paul Ashford Harris

Author of Aardvark, Koko the Kookaburra, Bam the Bilby and William the Wallaby

Paul Ashford Harris was born in New Zealand and graduated in 1967 from Cambridge University before moving to Australia in 1969. He comes from a family with a long history int he environmental movement and Paul was until recently a Director of WWF-Australia. He is passionate about trying to engage younger generations, including his nine grandchildren, in the serious challenges facing Australia's unique ecosystems.


Lorraine Wood

Author of Love & Addiction

Lorraine Wood is the co-founder of Australia’s leading psychiatric hospital, South Pacific Private. Lorraine has assisted in leading the research and development in the model of treatment for mental illness and influencing therapeutic facilitators in both private and public sectors. More than 7000 individuals and their families have benefitted from the work of South Pacific Private, the only one of its kind in Australia. Following the death of her husband in 2000, Lorraine continues to operate South Pacific Private as its sole proprietor, leading the hospital from strength to strength.


Richard Evans

Author of Deceit (July 2018)

Richard Evans' eclectic career has included service as a federal politician, industry leader, senior executive, and media commentator. Richard specialises his fiction writing in the genre of politics and prefers writing about the art of power and persuasion and the quirky folks who wish to lead, or perhaps mislead, the electorate. As a political insider, he has been invited many times to speak on politics and continues to speak on various other topics, mostly leadership. He is happily married with three children and lives in a small bayside village overlooking Melbourne, Australia.


Anne Connor

Author of Two Generations
(April 2018)

Anne Connor is an award-winning Melbourne writer. For over two decades she has worked in the writing space, with articles appearing in The Age, Business Review Weekly and various lifestyle and industry magazines. Her short stories have been published in anthologies and received awards in short story competitions. Anne headed up a marketing and communications consultancy for nine years, and has studied creative writing at Deakin and the University of Oxford. Two Generations is her debut memoir.



Mike Safe

Author of The Last Long Drop

Mike Safe was a newspaper reporter and feature writer for forty years, the last nineteen as a staff writer for The Weekend Australian Magazine. He lives in Bondi Beach, Sydney. The Last Long Drop is his first novel.



Kate Mathieson

Author of Ways to Come Home

Travel and nature are Kate Mathieson's tonics. In her twenties, Kate lived and travelled across Taiwan, Europe and Canada, collecting stories for her first novella, Tea and Travels. Returning to Australia for several years, Kate settled into surburban life. In 2009, she took a one-way ticket to Africa, re-wilding herself – a story that would become her breakthrough memoir, Ways to Come Home – a finalist for the 2017 Finch Memoir Prize. A contemporary writer, naturalist and poet, Kate is happiest with the wind on her face and leaves in her hair. She is a cheese lover, whiskey enthusiast and loves walking in the rain.


Renee Mill

Author of Anxiety Free, Drug Free and Parenting Without Anger

Renee Mill has worked as a clinical psychologist in private practice for over 30 years and is the owner of stress and anxiety clinic Anxiety Solutions CBT, located in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. She has successfully treated hundreds of individuals, couples and families, and has appeared as an expert commentator on stress, anxiety and depression for TODAY, The Morning Show, ABC Radio,, BubHub and Essential Baby. Find out more about Renee at and

Vera Coleman

Author of Organicise

With her christian name meaning ‘true’, Vera Hannam Coleman’s passion for and pursuit of the truth was perhaps predestined. Vera now dedicates herself to helping others 'organicise' their home by educating them about harmful everyday chemicals and products. For over ten years, Vera was the manager of an inner city community centre, developing preventative measures to help people break out of their limiting mindsets and lifestyles. She has also been involved in personal and community development, working for both government and non-government organisations, and in the private sector. Find out more at


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