My first book publishing experience has been wonderful.

“The information you have on your website and the detailed process in the contract taught me what to expect at every stage. Seeing the design of the front cover for the first time and the finished books arriving at home were two very, very exciting moments.”

Karen Lamb, author of Love Has No Boundaries

Thank you!

“To those that worked behind the scenes at Impact Press to bring this book to life, you were so easy to work with and extremely professional. You made the process feel easy and fun, and we achieved it. ”

Sally Gillard, author of Brain F.A.R.T.S

Trust and respect.

“I was so fortunate to work with the Impact team, as a partnership between publisher and author was created based on trust and respect. Thank you for your expertise.”

Kim Hodges, author of Girl on the Edge and Girl Over the Edge

Have you written a book?

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