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  • Published: 1 August 2018

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By Peter Bradley

A fascinating history of colonial Australia retold through three generations of one family

A unique history of Australia retold through the extraordinary lives of Peter Bradley’s three ancestors: a father, son and grandson.

James Bradley was a First Fleet convict found guilty of stealing a white linen handkerchief worth two shillings, and sentenced to seven years transportation to Australia.

Joseph Bradley worked his life in the most dangerous occupation of the time – whaling – and despite his parents being uneducated and illiterate went on to write a journal about his experiences, rich in history and insight.

Roland Bradley was a man of unionism and politics, and like his father and grandfather took up the fight against the rich and powerful through his involvement with the early Maritime union. In 1894, he wrote an account of surviving the shipwreck of the SS Kanahooka, which forced its inhabitants to wander the wilderness of North Queensland for 18 days.

Following the early struggles of a fledgling colony to nationhood, Convicted is an engrossing and highly imaginative retelling of the story of one family, entwined with the history of this country from the landing of the First Fleet in 1788.

The engrossing lives of Peter Bradley’s three ancestors are brought to life and entwined with the unique history of Australia in Convicted, perfect for fans of Peter FitzSimons and Girt.

Praise for Convicted

“Through his great-great-great grandfather's eyes, Peter Bradley has managed to show the unspoilt and spectacular beauty of Australia from its white settler beginnings as it began to slowly build itself… a compelling journey from convict father to whaling son and then on to union-man grandson, all while portraying the struggles, discoveries and hardships.” THE QUEENSLAND TIMES