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  • Modern and Contemporary Fiction
  • ISBN: 9781925384536
  • Published: 1 July 2018
  • AU Price: $29.99

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Deceit: Episode One of Democracy Trilogy

By Richard Evans

An Australian political thriller for fans of House of Cards, written by a former federal politician, reimagines a side of Canberra politics where corruption, power and truth collide.

Corrupt Prime Minister Andrew Gerrard has engaged in a covert agreement with the Indonesian president to begin building himself a retirement nest egg – if the Australian government agrees to fund offshore immigration detention centres.

When his plans are disrupted by a tragic plane accident that kills key members of parliament, Gerrard devises a strategy to rush the entire funding scheme through the parliament within a week.

Political stalwart and soon-to-be-retired clerk of parliament, Gordon O’Brien, suspects a conspiracy to defraud the government, and reluctantly sets out to foil the prime minister’s plan with the help of young-gun investigative journalist, Anita Devlin.

The first part in the Democracy Trilogy sizzles with insider knowledge into the machinations of Australian politics. It’s a brilliant and suspenseful political thriller where corruption, power and truth collide. 



‘I adored Gordon O'Brien. Straight as an arrow amongst those who are only in things for themselves, I couldn't help but cheer him on as he was like a dog with a bone, searching out the truth..’