Do you publish every book you are sent, or is there a selection process?

We don't make everyone who contacts us an offer to publish.

Similar to a traditional publisher, we read and discuss every book submission in a weekly publishing meeting. If you have a phenomenal author platform, or if we love your book and think it has excellent sales potential, then we will most likely make you an offer to publish. 


How does the 'professional publishing' model work?

Through professional publishing our authors get double the royalties, and as such are asked to offset the commercial risk by contributing to the upfront costs of creating, printing and distributing their book.

This allows you to back yourself and invest in your own work, while retaining a higher level of control over the final product than those published traditionally. We in turn ensure that the quality of your book is second-to-none, and you are given legitimate access to the book market by having your book sold into bookshops by the sales team at Simon & Schuster.

We publish all kinds of books, however our main genres are memoir, fiction, business, self-help and family history.

Take a look at our Books page to see the types of books we have published.

What kind of books do you publish?


How is this different to self-publishing or vanity publishing?

Even though you are contributing to the upfront costs of your book, Impact Press could not be further from self-publishing. The exact same process and team that create Ventura Press books are used for our Impact books, meaning your book will be produced to the highest industry standard and managed by us the entire way - no awkward covers, thick white paper stock or badly designed internals here.

Unlike self-publishing, we offer you a chance to genuinely sell your book in the market. Your book will be hand sold to Australian and New Zealand booksellers by the incredible sales team at Simon & Schuster Australia, stored in their warehouse (instead of 500 copies stored in your garage) and distributed across Australia and New Zealand. S&S also ensure your book is available to purchase at all major online retailers, including Booktopia and Book Depository.

As for vanity publishing, we don't publish every book submitted, as we believe it must be able to sell in the book market. If you get an offer to publish from us, congratulations! There's no vanity here, and no shame in investing in your own work and brand.

Because every book and author is unique, we create an individual quote for every publishing offer.

After reading your book, and meeting or talking with you about your vision for your book, we then send you a publishing proposal with a breakdown and explanation of all costs. 

How much will it cost?

While we do encourage authors to see their book as an investment in their brand and leverage toward new opportunities, it is absolutely possible to make your money back. 

You will receive royalties from both print and eBook sales, however the authors who are the most successful are those who sell their own copies through their business, speaking events, websites and launch party.

Will I make my money back?

Because of your initial investment, Impact Press offers our authors double the royalties that those received by our Ventura Press authors. Impact authors receive 30% of net receipts. 

How many royalties will I get from sales?

When you publish with Impact Press you retain full rights to your work.

Who retains copyright of my work?

We can never know exactly which bookshops across Australia and New Zealand will stock your book until Simon & Schuster complete the 'sell in', however we can guarantee your book will be available on all major online retailers, the bookshops in your local area and libraries.

Your book will also be available to order by every bookstore in Australia and New Zealand, if they choose to stock your book.

What bookshops will my book be available in?

Yes, your book will be available for purchase internationally as a hard copy via Book Depository, and an eBook via Amazon, Kobo, iBooks and others.

If you would like your book to be available as a hard copy on Amazon US, we can make this happen by setting you up for print-on-demand through Ingram.

Will my book be available for purchase in the US and UK?

Yes! Many of our Impact authors sell their own books through their business or at their launch.

Every publishing proposal from us includes 100 complimentary copies of your book, with opportunity to buy more at 50% author discount.

Do I get any copies of my book?


Do you help me market and publicise my book?

Impact Press authors receive an expert Marketing and Publicity Guide that shares how to successfully market your book to potential readers. We help you create a marketing plan, share key publicity contacts and provide ideas on how to obtain reviews, articles and excerpts.

We also track all our books on Media Portal, meaning we'll be able to send you every piece of media coverage you receive in a handy digital format.


How long does the whole publishing process take?

Because we are dedicated to professionally publishing the best quality books possible, the entire publishing process takes around seven months. 

This gives you plenty of time to create buzz around the launch of your book, and gives us the time to properly curate and brand your book so it appeals to target readers.

Our print run depends on how many books Simon & Schuster 'sub' into the market. 

All book shops in Australia and New Zealand are sale or return, so 'subs' are the number that S&S distribute in to the market, however they aren't a sale until they go through the till, and can not be returned.  

How many copies of my book will be printed?

Jump over to our Submissions page or give us a call on 02 8060 9191 and tell us about your book. We're always on the look out for talented authors to add to our IP Alumni, and we look forward to hearing from you.

What should I do now?