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  • Published: 1 February 2016

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Girl on the Edge

By Kim Hodges

Girl on the Edge is the incredible memoir of Kim Hodges, detailing her adolescent experiences growing up in a small rural town of NSW. Her mistreatment and tumultuous upbringing has niggled away in the back of her mind since she was seven years of age. Now a family woman with three children of her own, Kim has found the courage and discipline to work her story into words.

Written through a child’s sensitive lens with reflections that could only be surmised and truly understood as an adult, Girl on the Edge explores identity, belonging, and alienation, as well as class, gender and power. Set in the landscape of the small NSW country town of Coolah, Kim’s coming of age story is far from quaint. Using her wry humour to offset the confronting content, Girl on the Edge is truly an arresting memoir.

'A powerful memoir that richly illustrates the struggles of a young woman to experience freedom and pursue desires beyond those prescribed by small town rural Australia.' Professor Simone Fullagar, Department for Health, University of Bath

'An arresting memoir of a sensitive adolescent girl growing up in a small and isolated town in regional Australia.' Irina Dunn, Director, Australian Writers Network

'An engrossing account of small town phobias, interests and fears, and how a young woman’s struggle with difference can overcome many obstacles. A must for any reader.' Dr Lisa Milner, School of Arts and Social Sciences, Southern Cross University