Mia Freedman interviews Aaron Elias Brunsdon and Jayson Brunsdon for her Mamamia podcast

Aaron Elias always knew he wanted to have children with his fashion designer partner Jayson Brunsdon. He just wasn’t sure how they would do it.

As a gay couple living in Sydney, there aren’t many options out there if you want to have children. But one night, after watching a 60 minutes story on surrogacy, Aaron and Jayson knew they were on to something.

Two years later (through a cancer diagnosis, finding an egg donor and many trips to Thailand) their son Roman was born. 

Mia Freedman's interview with Aaron and Jayson on her No Filter podcast will have you laughing, crying and feeling all the feels. Listen here: http://www.mamamia.com.au/gay-couple-fatherhood/utm_campaign=MamamiaPodcastNetwork&utm_source=SocialFlow&utm_medium=Facebook

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