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St Vincent’s Curran Foundation - The Foundation for the Future

St Vincent’s Curran Foundation – The Foundation for the Future is a history of the Foundation from its inception in 1984 until today and beyond with the building of the Hospital of the Future.

This custom book reflects on the last three decades, which have seen huge advancements in the areas of heart and lung transplantation, immunology, cancer care, mental health, homelessness and alcohol/substance abuse related issues.

The St Vincent’s Curran Foundation looks forward to the future with the Sisters of Charity’s four core principles of compassion, justice, integrity and excellence guiding the way.

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The Art Deco Department Stores of Shanghai: The Chinese Australian Collection

Shanghai’s Nanjing Road is internationally famous for its iconic art deco department stores. These stores are not just about shopping. They are not just about selling modern goods from around the world. They are about entertainment and they are about pleasure.
But if you were to ask who established these stores, there would be very few people who would know the answer. Even fewer would know the names of the Chinese-Australian merchants who were key players. It is no exaggeration to say that the department stores of China and Hong Kong were built on the back of Sydney’s Haymarket banana trade.