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  • Published: 1 November 2016

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By Vera Hannam Coleman

Organicise is a practical decluttering and environmentally conscious guide written by Vera Hannam.

The challenge is to simply walk through our homes and organise our environment organically. In our busy lifestyles, very few of us take the time to stop and take note of the everyday choices we are making in regards to our immediate environment; our homes. Good marketing should not dictate our standards, we need to be our own person, to research brands, products, materials, and understand and appreciate every item that enters our home. Whether it is food, laundry products, clothing or appliances knowledge is power, and wisdom is what we need. 

Organicise is a 7-day detox methodology to truly detox our homes and let the fresh air in. Following Vera's five-step process is a simple, easy and effective way to fine-tune our lives to what is important. Organicise offers the reader the opportunity to increase their knowledge in a manageable way, with the result of making informed choices and being equipped to directly impact the health of their home environment.