Parenting Without Anger

  • ISBN 9781925183948

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  • Published: 1 October 2017

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Parenting Without Anger

By Renee Mill

As parents, we all want happy children. Ideally, we’d like to bask in the fun and camaraderie of family life, find it easy to love our children unconditionally and have them love us in return.

But when everyday activities like waking up on time, getting dressed, eating breakfast or sitting quietly in the car can turn your home into a hotbed of anger, yelling and daily punishments, we’re guessing your dream of a happy, contented home and well-behaved kids is proving difficult.

Know you are not alone – many of you report that you are more stressed, tired and angry with your children than ever before.

In this essential book for modern parents of children and teenagers, bestselling author and senior clinical psychologist Renee Mill shares practical and easy-to-apply solutions that will help you manage your own anger, so you can successfully implement techniques that will create the contented home and happy, cooperative family that you desire.