• Literary Crime Fiction

  • ISBN: 978-1-925384-57-4

  • Published: 1 November 2018

  • AU Price: $29.99

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The Slipping Place

By Joanna Baker

From the winner of a Sisters in Crime Davitt Award comes a stunningly compulsive, darkly suspenseful Australian crime novel that asks how far we would go to protect someone we love.

Veronica Cruickshank’s youngest child Roland is her idealistic one – a fighter of lost causes, and the one that always needs protecting, particularly from himself.

So when she hears he is back in Hobart helping an old school friend, Treen McShane, Veronica tries to track him down – but all she finds are second hand reports, whispers of horrific abuse, and stories of a small child being hurt.

 Then Roland sends Veronica a text message, asking her to go to the Slipping Place, high on Mount Wellington, a picnic spot known only to their family. Here she discovers Treen’s frozen body.

Knowing Roland will be suspected of leaving Treen to die, Veronica resolves to find out what really happened. But as long-buried truths slowly surface, she uncovers a secret that brings the violence closer to home than she could have ever imagined…

 Praise for The Slipping Place

“An evocative read that conjures up the illusion of mania, psychosis and paranoia in a disturbing manner that will compel you to keep reading.” READING, WRITING AND RIESLING BLOG