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  • ISBN: 978-1-920727-40-6

  • Published: 1 March 2019

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Thirty Essentials: Sustainable Success

By Andrew Laurie

Get the most out of owning a business with these thirty practical steps to attaining financial and personal freedom and business success.

When your business depends on your management to survive, it often means compromising your lifestyle in favour of success. But what business owners don’t often realise is that this dependence not only limits their freedom, but it also limits the growth and development of the business itself.

Top business coach and ex-CEO of a multi-billion dollar company, Andrew Laurie, explains how you can release yourself from day-to-day management, so as to reap the benefits of business ownership.  

A simple and effective guidebook, Thirty Essentials: Sustainable Success outlines the steps of handing over the management of a business and, crucially, guides you through the challenges that will inevitably arise. It also assists you in deciding how to spend your time after stepping back; both in appropriate continuing involvement in the business and in other activities external to it.  

Thirty Essentials: Sustainable Success is an invaluable guide to attaining the freedom that business ownership offers and to ensuring that your business can truly achieve its potential.

Praise for sustainable success:

“My go-to guide to ensuring our business continues to develop with less of my time required on day-to-day basis.” DOUG McCONNEL, FOUNDER, ASCENT ENGINEERS

“I loved this book, it was a really simple guide which made the process a loss let scary.  Andrew is so clear about the steps involved in stepping back every business owner should read it, makes you feel less trapped and more in control.  If only there was a book like this for everything in life!” VANESSA BRECHT, OWNER, BOBBI’S POLE STUDIOS

"Andrew has a real talent for making difficult but necessary processes seem easy and approachable. Even as a business owner fairly early in the process of stepping back, there was much in here to learn… It's never too early to start listening to Andrew's expert advice and making concrete steps towards your stated goal." ROB JALIL, OWNER, TOY ROBOT MEDIA

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Praise for thirty essentials series:

“This book provides the often-misunderstood subject of strategy and provides specific, actionable steps to approach it. A fantastic read if you want to create a truely valuable idea, or significantly improve the value of an existing business.” DANE ELDRIDGE, FOUNDER OF 4MATION TECHNOLOGIES and ALREADY BUILT

“For anyone wanting to lead high performing teams, this book is a must-read. A copy will be on all my mangers’ desks.” STEPHEN O’SULLIVAN, CHAIRMAN & CEO, TRENT DRIVING SCHOOL